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Home Visits (Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbal Medicine)

Online Consultation (Chinese Herbal Medicine only)

Summer Hill Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Home Visit Treatments, for Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbal Medicine, are ideal for those who are less mobile, have difficulty or time constraints in commuting to a clinic, or for those you want to enjoy the luxury of receiving Chinese Medicine treatments in the convenience, comfort and privacy of their own home

Telehealth (online, email or phone) consultation for Chinese Herbal Medicine is also an available option.

Treatment Fees:

Home Visits (Acupuncture and/or Chinese Herbal Medicine):

  • Initial Treatment: $100.00 (+ cost of Herbs if required).
  • Follow up Treatments: $80.00 (+ cost of Herbs if required).

Telehealth Online Consultation (Chinese Herbal Medicine only):

  • Initial Treatment: $50.00 + cost of the Herbs
  • Follow up Treatments: $20.00 + cost of the Herbs

See FAQS - Fee Schedule for more details

(Please note: I do not treat patients who are currently pregnant, as it is not my field of clinical experience.)

Cancellation Policy

Summer Hill Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine's goal is to provide quality care in a timely manner to patients in need, to maintain this we have had to implement an appointment/cancellation policy. This policy enables us to better utilise available appointments for our patients, who are in need of health care.

Please kindly avoid rescheduling whenever possible. Understandably, sometimes one needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment, or there are emergencies.

In order to be respectful of other patients, some of whom are on a wait list for an appointment opening, please be courteous and kindly email at least 24 hours prior if you are unable to attend an appointment, so that someone else urgently needing a treatment, perhaps urgently for pain management for example, can be seen at that time instead, and we can help someone else get better or out of pain.

Cancellation Fees & Late Fees:

Full fee will be charged for any appointments missed ("no show) or cancelled with less 24 hours notice.

As this is a mobile service, if you are not home upon arrival, and have not contacted to inform you are running late in returning to your home, after 15 minutes it will be considered as a "no show" and full fee will be charged, in this case an additional fee will also be charged to cover travel costs and time to & from your home (Treatment Fee + additional $50).

If I have already commenced commuting to your home/location and you contact to cancel while I am en route, an additional $50 will be charged, except in cases due to sudden emergency.

In the event of Lateness, if the treatment needs to go beyond the booked time period, additional Fee may be required. Where late arrival renders it impossible to treat you at your designated appointment time, due to the next appointments timing, Full fee will also be required

Understandably, things don’t always go to plan, and there are emergencies which happen, therefore valid reasons will not incur a full cancellation fee.

If you need to, you can cancel your appointment by email (preferred method) or by calling / SMS (24/7 - leave a message, clearly with name and appointment date/time).